Awesome Soccer World 2010

Awesome Soccer World 2010

Awesome Soccer Demo is a low-budget, arcade soccer video game
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Awesome Soccer Demo is a low-budget, arcade soccer video game. It is evidently not an attempt to create a simulation soccer game that hardcore fans will love and appreciate for its great understanding of soccer, that is for sure. It is more of a game to play with your kids.

The game uses an overview camera to show the field and the players. The camera moves around to follow the ball. The controls are very easy to pick up. You use the direction arrows to move your players and direct passes and shots. The same key is used for passing and shooting. This makes the game easy to play for anyone. There is a variety of game modes and throughout all the modes there are challenges to unlock. I unlocked one - it was "hit the crossbar". The gameplay is very rudimentary. Aiming is almost non-existant, if you want to shoot to the goal, you will have to be facing it. There are headers and free kicks and it is almost fun to see these players score.

The game has a lot of extras. There is a team and player editor. With it, you can create your own teams and assign players to them.

I liked the fact that the game could be run in a window mode.

All in all, Awesome Soccer Demo is just an arcade game to kill some time. It isn't an awesome soccer experience, but somebody worked hard to create this game, so credit goes out to him or her.

José Fernández
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  • The demo has good options
  • Team editor


  • None, if you like arcade soccer games like this
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